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The Deeds of Hannah Flanagan: In The Ravine by jakewashere
Headless Horsewoman Sketch Painting Thingy by RoninDude

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WorkInProgress: A.T.C.U. LMD Project: RED OCTOPUS by AzabacheSilver

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Penny and Nadia by JohnShepardS117
Bodies piloted by other humans
Bodies Piloted by other intelligent life
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PATREON - Shopping by AccessWorld
Getting Older 05 by RazHamal
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Remotecontrol20 by achilescomics
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Legina, Ann's lower half by Dorinasonic
Legina by Dorinasonic
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[Request] Half of Velvet by flunkly
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Backroomswap by achilescomics
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TheLovelyVocal's Debbie and Deloris (Redone) by xcesskinavira
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The Summoner's Body by DreadedOne131


dumping OCs by acasketcase dumping OCs :iconacasketcase:acasketcase 47 3 Mom is Fine. by Franktonius Mom is Fine. :iconfranktonius:Franktonius 49 16 New Mom by Franktonius New Mom :iconfranktonius:Franktonius 66 8 CIMG0411 edited-1 by ryurock
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The new dog by friedchicken776 The new dog :iconfriedchicken776:friedchicken776 2 0
Mystery Heads Extra
Yui's head watches her body change her clothes as she felt sad watching her. After the body does so, she looks at her head despite not having eyes.
"Yui, what's wrong?" asked the body.
"I just miss being able to wear clothes or being attached. I am not sure if I am Yui or if you are Yui. Am I just a copy of her memories or you?" said the head.
"The best thing we can come up with is that we are both Yui. To make is simple, I'll call you head and you call me body. Anyone else can call you Yui's head and call me Yui's body. Together we are Yui." said the body telepathically.
"That sounds kind of cute." said the head, "Now, how can we get past 'our' parents?"
"Scarf." said the body.
The body has a scarf and wraps it around her neck. She then places her head on it's neck as Yui's head felt wobbly. Though it stood still.
"It feels so soft." said Yui's head she begin walking only for her head to fall off. She rolled all the way to the door with a thud.
"Ow." said the head.
"Sorry. You know wh
:iconquad2:quad2 12 0
Mystery Heads Intro
This is a demo of what my interactive would sort of be like if I can make this real.
Yui wakes up one day with her eyes slowly opening up. She prepares for another day as she felt an ache all over her. However, the sun is up so she attempts to herself up in the morning. But for some reason she can't. No matter how hard she tries, nothing is happening. It was not until she felt her arms and legs get up, but her vision did not change.
"What is going on?" asked Yui.
She then saw her own body got up by itself without her head. Yui's head freaked out as she is stuck in a useless position.
"This can't be happening, this must be a dream!" cried Yui's head.
"I can't see!" cried a voice in her head, "Where's my head?"
"What?!" screamed Yui, "Is that my body?"
"I feel my head talking to me." said the voice in Yui's head.
Yui's body looked around the bed and felt hair. Her hair. She picked up her head as Yui's head whimpered in pain.
"Gently please." said Yui's head.
"I can o
:iconquad2:quad2 8 4
"I regret everything."
Elena is a teen with dreams, but it turned into a nightmare. She wanted to be a head model of an industry, but she ended getting what she wished for. Literally. She is now reduced to being only a head, sitting on a shelf before her next day of work. All she does is make cute faces for the camera while people would place her head in many angles in a variety of backgrounds.
She wished these people could have just used green screen, but no. They wanted a realistic head or face. They want to see the full hair that sways from the back. They want an authentic disembodied head with an emphasis on character rather than a good looking body.
Elena misses the feeling of hands and feet. She has to be a head because the people she works with says that it would help her get used to her new form. To Elena, she felt like an useless object. She requires for people to carry her around, she obeys any orders that are given to her, and she doesn't get a chance to talk much. No matter
:iconquad2:quad2 12 0
Dawn Of Justice Superheroes Headswap by arkhamkinght77 Dawn Of Justice Superheroes Headswap :iconarkhamkinght77:arkhamkinght77 13 4 Justin Beiber become perfect wife by arkhamkinght77 Justin Beiber become perfect wife :iconarkhamkinght77:arkhamkinght77 27 8
I know a popular term for the living seperation of body parts and their reassembly, sometimes not to the same body is commonly referred to as Natural Body Magic.  However that term seems to exclude surgical transplants and other such reality based fantasy swaps.  I have a term that I suggest, if someone has a better one, I will use that instead.

Instead of
Natural Body Magic (NBM)

How about
Bodily Modularity Fantasy(BMF)

If anyone wants to comment, please do.  I just would like to clarify the language as I think use of Magic is misleading.  Let me know what you think.
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